studio -m is a communication design practice that believes in the importance of well conceptualised and well crafted visual stories.

This belief translates into a holistic approach that considers all stages of the design process, from the initial concept to the final outputs. A strong brand should be built from a meaningful visual narrative that works dynamically and coherently across all platforms.

We strive for creative collaborations – each project is an opportunity to engage with different people, develop new ideas, and explore new methods. No two people, ideas, brands are the same and true design responds to the needs of each project.

We advocate that design has an important part to play in the development of a better society. This conviction has been formalised through evidence-based design work and research, and through the collaboration with brands and individuals that have a positive impact in society or their particular community.

Studio -m was founded by Marta Ferreira.

Marta is a communication designer and researcher with over 15 years of experience working for clients from all over the world. She has a degree in Communication Design and a Masters in Editorial Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, U. Lisbon. She is currently working on a PhD in Digital Media from Técnico, U. Lisboa, at the Interactive Technologies Institute – ITI.

Marta has developed her craft in a Design Agency as a Graphic Designer and later in a Design Studio where she was Creative Director and Head of the Design team. In 2016 she decided to work as an independent designer and start her own practice.

A strong belief in the social and cultural responsibility of design has led her to research that explores communication design’s potential to connect the public with restricted or complex information. Her research first focused on bringing restricted cultural heritage to the public, and now in translating complex data into positive, action-focused messages. Her current focus is in communicating climate change through impactful interactions.

Marta is a perfectionist, extremely professional, and trustworthy. She is very passionate about her job and that reflects on her projects. Certainly one of the most creative designers I have been working with.

Vânia Rodrigues

Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant

Marta exceeds expectations repeatedly. She works with agility and grace, even the face of difficult clients. She’s been an asset to my company and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a creative visionary.

Cara Parrish

Senior Marketing Manager & Strategist

Marta is a talented designer who accurately captured the idea we wanted for our brand from the first draft. She is a true professional who turns around work in an efficient and timely matter.

Wendee Lee

Co-Founder at Biconi

Feel free to get in touch regarding design projects and other awesome ideas.