Finding Arcadia is a prototype being developed by researchers at the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI-LARSyS), Instituto Superior Técnico, with the purpose of improv- ing interaction with, and communication about, climate change data. This project focuses on the importance of oceans and marine ecosystems for global climate and CO2 capture, with a special focus on whales as an integral part of that ecosystem.

This public experience is composed of a touch screen display, where the audience will engage with an interactive data story related to the oceans. Storytelling, visual communication and data visualisations are explored in a symbiotic narration of the data. A tangible component to the installation would allow for further consolidation of the information, after the interaction with the digital story.

The purpose of the experience is to test the use of personalised and contextualised data visualisations to communicate climate data in a positive and action-focused manner. Recent research advocates for a focus on solutions, action, stories and particular communities when engaging audiences with climate change information. This project intends to advance the discussion on this new stage of climate engagement, and suggest proposals for future interactions with complex, and oftentimes negative, climate change data.

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